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Scroll down for instructions to join our Land of Milk and Honey~ Support Forum.  If you were looking for our personals forum, it can be found at Gift Of Milk Elite~ Personals Forum.

Our website is brand new but our message board is long standing.  We have inherited the message board that was associated with the former Land of Milk and Honey website.  Please note, the domain is under new ownership and we are not affiliated with the new site, only the former one.  This message board is probably the most developed ANR message board on the net, established in 2008.  Packed full with so many experiences from so many members our forum is truly a treasure to those of us who walk this path now.

For those of you who are just joining our festivities, Land of Milk and Honey was a favorite go to for most of the adult nursing community and our forum is by far the most friendly and supportive ANR forum around.  Our members are passionate about what we do and offer encouragement from the heart.  The old site is gone but the spirit remains as Gift of Milk continues the original mission here and on the message board.

To join the message board, you’ll first have to make an account on Runboard and then apply for membership to our board.  We recommend that you watch this short video to help with the process.  We are approving new members daily, it is likely that your request will be approved the same day that we receive it.

We look forward to seeing you over on the boards!

Land of Milk and Honey~ Support Forum


Please keep the boards clean.  No personals area allowed although they are allowed on our Gift Of Milk Elite~ Personals Forum.

We’ll see you there.




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