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Here you’ll find a sneak peek inside of our personals forum. You can reach our forum here: Gift of Milk Elite~ Personals.

As much as we would have liked to make this forum free as is our support forum over on Runboard, having a fee is a way to verify the age of our users and gives us more options on a forum that can now be considered an ‘adult only’ site.  As with any endeavor, this provides an opportunity to recoup some of the expenses involved in maintaining this site and the extra associated costs. We sincerely thank you for supporting our site by your membership to our free Land of Milk and Honey~ Support Forum as well as here at our Gift of Milk Elite~ Personals Forum.

You can join the Gift of Milk Elite~ Personals Forum without a fee but your paid membership will give you access to the personals area where you can place an ad to help find your forever partner.  The fee is currently $5.

  • Anyone not satisfied with their membership may request a full refund within 30 days. Any posts from members who have been removed will be deleted.

Now for the sneak peek, this forum is accessible now although still under construction. We wanted to provide a way for you to see what’s inside before joining. You know… so you know what you’re getting.

Inside you’ll find forums categorized by location. Members can post their personals ad in their own location where hopefully it will make it easier to find the perfect partner. Don’t forget to read our Rules before getting started, in the Rules and Special Notices forum titled Our Rules and Policies.


GoME Rules


The ladies’ and gentlemen’s area are single forums which will likely be developed to have more forums for specific topics related to men or women to discuss among other men or women only.

GoME Personals


Our United States personals section is divided by states.  We can further develop this as needed.

GoME States 1


The United Kingdom and Canada forums are single forums that will also be divided up into more specific areas as needed. We will also be adding more countries to this as needed too. As needed meaning, as we learn and anyone who PM’s asking for a certain location to be added will be done first. 🙂

GoME Other Locations


We have a growing member list.

GoME Member List


Below shows our search feature, this tool can be used by post or by member. Hopefully this will also be a useful tool to find that perfect someone that you are looking for.  Clicking on Member List will give a complete list of members by username, or search by letter.

GoME Search

As with our original forum, this forum is for our community and will be developed and fine tuned frequently to further meet the needs of our members. Without our members, we have no forum. Your input will be considered and is appreciated.

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