What is Essential; by LW4

What is Essential

By LW4

The times we share lips to breast are pleasure, joy, comfort and serenity defined. We are both much closer to 60 than 50. Our children are grown and gone. It’s a second marriage for both of us, and we’ve been together now for more than a dozen years. The level of intimacy we have always shared has been excellent, and we’re both so happy to have maintained a daily level of sexual intimacy during all those years. We know we’re incredibly lucky in that way, and tell each other often how much we love and desire each other.

The other night when I made it home from my travels at 2AM I crawled into bed quietly. We had spoken earlier and she knew exactly what would welcome me home in the most special way. We both sleep naked year round, so there’s never any fumbling for access, either way. More great articles at giftofmilk.com She turned her warm body towards me, and with the slightest tug of her hand on my head guided me to her breasts under the warmth of the quilt.

That moment, that moment as she offers herself to me, is one of the most pleasurable moments in my life. It rivals any moment in time, to have her lovingly pull me to her breast and share herself with me. It is divine. Truly divine. Click here, giftofmilk.com. I settle my head on a pillow, cup her breast with one hand and put my arm over and around her, intertwining our legs. My mouth takes in the soft and nourishing breast and I audibly sigh. Nothing is better. She’s tired, sleepy, and stays 99% asleep as we mold to each other in ecstasy.

Her nipple slides into my mouth and I begin the instinctive rhythm of suckling; lips to breast, tongue pressing her nipple to my palate. For more articles like this, visit giftofmilk.com. It is the only motion in the bed, and I whimper in pleasure at the intimacy we share. As all of you know, it is not infantile, it is not maternal, it is not solely sexual.

The bond formed between our bodies makes me nearly burst with a feeling of love and affection and adoration for this beautiful woman who is giving herself to me. It’s remarkably different than the intimacy of sex, and is gorgeous.

I love it. I love her. It’s sustaining.

In other words, the intense bond you feel as you hold each other and suckle is far more than a passing fancy. It’s a passionate emotional bond that is something you long to tell the world because of its power. To enjoy more, visit giftofmilk.com. It is as if this sharing of bodies, this embrace of the heart through the shared breast, is essential to the rotation of the earth.

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