Land of Milk and Honey support forum Rules

For everyone’s comfort and safety we are making this post to formally announce our rules. We want to keep our board clean, respectful and positive.

As per Runboard requirements, we will not post the following:

– Adult material, as in ‘Sexually explicit pictures, writing, movies or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.’.

Land of Milk and Honey message board rules:

1. No profanities are allowed. Please use clean or proper language.

2. There are absolutely no pornographic or images that display nudity allowed. Diagrams that show technique are allowed, if there are any questions please ask a mod or admin for prior approval.

3. No harassment is allowed. This includes stalking and making unwanted advances.

4. No posting personal ads on the message board as this is not a dating site.
For information about our personals forum, click here: Gift of Milk Elite~ Sneak Peek.

5. Do not post any personal information in the forums. This information may be removed by admin or mods. This includes real names, locations, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses.

6. All content within this forum is posted as opinion or from accounts of personal experience. We do not check the accreditations of any member and cannot verify their credibility.

7. Do not re-post anything from within these forums without the permission from the author. This is a private forum which is a safe haven for our members to discuss things of personal nature.

Please see our entire Terms and Conditions here: Terms and Conditions ~ Gift of Milk’s Forums and Websites

By using this forum you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

Simple rules with simple consequences:

Any user found to be breaking these rules risks being banned.

Thank you for being a part of the original Land of Milk and Honey support forum.

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