Land of Milk and Honey, which is it?

There is an imposter on the loose!  Maybe it’s not that bad.  When the Land of Milk and Honey website went down the domain sold to someone else, we have no information as to who owns it and we are not concerned about this.  However, they did put up another ANR site which wrongfully makes it appear as though we are affiliated.  We are not.


We do not have any affiliation with the former domain, only the former site content.  We do not have any affiliation with their forum nor do we encourage the use of medications.


In the very near future we will have our own personals area, it’s already in the process.  If you’re looking for the real McCoy, please use our links here on or our message board at Land of Milk and Honey.


As always, if you have any suggestions or thoughts to share, you know where to find us.


Blessings, dondelait


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