Gift of Milk Elite’s~ Personals Forum Rules

Because of the nature of this forum you may find that the rules are actually a little tighter in some areas on here rather than on our support forum over on Runboard, Land of Milk and Honey.

What’s allowed:
* Post your location- keep it general, not precise enough for a stranger to know your location.
* Post your interests- not in an overly sexual manner state your interests.
* One account per person

What is not allowed:
* Never post your precise location
Allowed: I’m in Little Rock, AR
Not Allowed: I’m at 1234 Location Drive, Little Rock, AR.
* Do not post personal information on the forums, PM’s are not monitored
* Do not use profanities
* Do not write with the intent to arouse
* Do not post pornographic images, no nudity allowed
* Multiple accounts are not allowed
* Stalking or harassing another, no always means no
* No persistent messaging to someone who has said no
* No pressuring someone to send images who has said no

Mods are here to keep our community safe:
Personal information may be removed by the admin or mods.
Nudity or pornographic images will be removed.

Let’s work together to keep this personals forum safe.

If you find that someone has broken these rules please contact admin to evaluate. Anyone who has pressured you to do something after you have already said no to is a reason to report.

Anyone found to break the rules here risks being banned both here and on our support forum on Runboard. You may or may not receive a warning first, this will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


* Safety is first. Do not meet with someone you have not researched and feel sure is safe. You are responsible for your safety. There are ways to find out more about a person and we recommend doing a background check before meeting with someone in real life. Always practice good judgement and of course, we can not be responsible for meetings gone wrong. We in no way screen people who come to our site, it is not possible. We cannot verify that anyone on our site is safe. It has to be the responsibility of the user to make these determinations for themselves.

* Exchanging personal information through private messages on this site is done at your own risk. We do not recommend sending personal pictures nor personal information such as email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers.

Ideas for your safety before meeting:
* do a background check
* have a friend on call for you while you are meeting until you feel comfortable and safe
* have your friend check on you frequently while you are meeting, either by phone or in person
* use a pre-planned code word with a friend to let them know that you are fine or you need their help
* always meet in a public place
* never put yourself in a position of being secluded with someone that you do not know

We hope that this forum will be a safe and helpful place for those seeking ANR partners.

When you joined this forum you agreed to the Terms and Conditions, they are available here: Terms and Conditions~ Gift of Milk’s Websites and Forums.

The Terms and Conditions document will be updated on the link above as needed. Notification of any revisions will be posted here.

Thanks for being a part of Gift of Milk Elite!

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