The Benefits of Human Breast Milk

by DrJim

Some thoughts about breast milk: It is a biological fluid. Some experts refer it to as “white blood”. This is because it has many blood components in it. Cow’s milk which is similar in this respect, has about 100,000 white blood cells per milliliter, red blood cells, albumen and globulins which are the antibodies the cow needs to protect it from cow infections. Human milk is the same. Click here, visit Gift of Milk for more. Human blood reflects the individual life history of contact and resistance to various infectious agents that cause human diseases. The mother passes her antibodies to the baby to give it passive protection from infection. When the pair becomes exposed to a new infection the mother’s immune system responds while the infants system is a little slow to catch the infection. Within a short time the mothers system mounts a response and passes it to the baby protecting it as well.

Breastfed babies will often not even get symptoms of the illness. In the womb the mothers and babies systems are intimately mingled together. After birth the babies system is still dependent for many things through the breast. For more articles like this, click here. It is still “attached” in many ways, receiving life, health, protection and aid in the development of many systems. It is marvelous, this dependency and shared life that occurs through the breast. Breast fed babies are ahead of bottle fed babies in innumerable ways.

Now what about adults who share through the breast?

Many of the components in her blood can pass through his mouth, stomach, and gut and into his blood. They commingle their systems together to some degree. A great problem today is various diseases such as AIDS. I won’t go into the moral aspects of these diseases, but when a person lives their life such that they become full of disease then it is a bad idea to share yourself intimately with them because their diseases can become your diseases. To learn more, click here. This realization is the basis for most every negative thing said concerning the consumption of human breast milk by another human.

On the other hand, if a woman is healthy without any of these diseases, if she is relatively young and full of vitality and life, then it can be a positive thing to share and receive her life in this way. View more, If he is struggling with a chronic disease where his immune system is not strong enough to overcome it, it is possible that his system can be strengthened through this intimate sharing.

Currently human breast milk is being used to strengthen infants with a variety of conditions, especially premature infants, immune problems, digestive and absorption problems. Some work has been done to help adults with some chronic autoimmune diseases and immune, digestive and absorption problems as well. More great articles at There are probably a lot more conditions in adults that can be aided with breast milk than have been investigated so far. Human colostrums are wonderful stuff for the immune system because it is full of Gamma globulins that provide immunity and resistance against disease.


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