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Who am I, and what are my qualifications to write about the topic of inducing lactation apart from the usual situation of nursing an infant, and the concept of nursing in the setting of an adult relationship? I am a male physician. I have been practicing medicine for 27 years. Click to see more from giftofmilk.com I am in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Preventative medicine. I am interested in the current research on ways to slow down the aging process. I love to teach and have done some writing, lectures and seminars. I have many other interests as well.

Concerning the concept of ANR (Adult Nursing Relationship) and how I came to be interested in it; A few years ago two young women that worked in my office came to me and asked my opinion, is it possible that taking certain herbs can enlarge their breasts? More great articles at giftofmilk.com They had seen some things on the Internet and the David Letterman show. I answered that I did not know for sure, but that I doubted that herbs could have that potent of an endocrine effect. They promptly went out and had breast augmentation surgeries. That got me interested in finding out more about herbs and their effects. I researched various herbs and the claims and concluded to my surprise there are herbs that have much more potent effects on the endocrine system that I had thought possible. I developed a little line of herbal formulas primarily for hormonal balancing. There’s more to see, click here. My patients loved them as an alternative to drugs in some situations. In researching the herbal effects of breast enlargement invariably I came upon the closely related topic of lactation induction. It just happens that many of the things women might try to do to stimulate and enlarge their breasts, other than surgery, may induce lactation since that is what breasts were designed to do in the first place. I have learned much about the induction of lactation from a medical view. In addition to my training in medical school, I have had quite a bit of experience in my medical practice. Over the years issues related to this concept have come up quite a few times. I have delved more deeply into the subject through studying Neurology, Endocrinology, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Drugs and Herbs.

The subject of ANR is a bit of a Taboo subject in our society and medical circles as well. I have found that there are no good authoritative texts written about the subject. It is probably best addressed by La Leche League, founded to support women in their experience of breast feeding infants. The knowledge base of this concept appears to be more of an oral tradition passed among Midwifes and Doulas based on their clinical experience. To enjoy more, visit giftofmilk.com. I have great respect for these professionals and their experience. My attempt through my writing here is to bring a little different perspective to the subject based on my medical understanding and experience. Hopefully this will broaden understanding of the concept of ANR and related issues overall.

This subject delves into areas so intimate and personal that in some areas I feel they are almost sacred and should not be discussed. Some people may be offended by it. There is much prejudice, distortion and misunderstanding in our society about it. I want to have the freedom to write from my heart in many areas. What I write is my opinion only. I do not want any person to refer to me as an authority on the subject and quote me or refer to me to support what they might say. To learn more, click here. On the other hand I do not want others who claim to have authority on the subject to ask me for my studies and clinical research to support what I write. From a medical point of view, I write as I understand the way our wonderful bodies are designed to work. There are some who may challenge my understanding of some medical point of view. To be honest I have come to my own conclusions in some areas and do not always agree with the general medical view. View more, giftofmilk.com. Why don’t I write a book? Because I do not think it would be accepted today in our society. I certainly would not want to have to defend myself against critics. I prefer to have a bit of anonymity thus I have chosen this forum.

The reader must understand also that I have conservative views on relationships and my writings reflect this. I believe that an ANR is finely expressed in the setting of a strong, committed relationship between a man and a woman. The concept is all about relationship, relationship first. I have found that many married couples have discovered this corner of the garden of their relationship and have delighted in it. It has been a secret that they have shared, bonding them close together. It is hard for people to understand the intimacy, bonding and the immersion of the male and female attributes that the couple bring to this experience. For more articles like this, click here. Singles outside of committed relationships and those that try alternative relationships I think, are destined to not experience the fullness and deep fulfillment that is potentially there.

What does a female desire in a relationship that an ANR can enhance? First they desire the security of commitment, fidelity and love. They want to be desired and the only female in his affections. They want intimacy and to experience his masculinity. Click here to see more. Women as a general rule do not desire casual sex because engaging in such an intimate act can result in a lifetime of repercussions if she were to get pregnant etc. In the same way embarking on an ANR requires a level of commitment, sharing, bonding and co-dependency that a casual relationship cannot meet. Women love to be gorgeous and to be passionately desired. Men are quickly aroused visually and most women love to display themselves in the setting of a secure relationship when they are comfortable with their bodies. Click here, visit Gift of Milk for more. It is fundamental to the female nature to desire to nurture, care for and bond with another, which is brought out in her relationship with her newborn. I believe women find the deepest fulfillment when they have these feelings and are able to fulfill them. An ANR of course increases her feelings and desires to nest and nurture because of the way it influences her hormones and her partner becomes the focus of them. An ANR brings more of all these things to the relationship when it is committed, strong and secure.

What does a male desire in a relationship that an ANR can enhance? He is aroused visually and enjoys all the pleasures that this increased exposure bring. There is something special about the act of uncovering the breast. He loves the unconditional love, acceptance and attention that an ANR inevitably brings out in her. Click here, giftofmilk.com. Nurturing, cuddling and nesting are all female behaviors that men find irresistible and enduring. Men universally want to experience her femininity, as much as they possibly can, exploring it is fundamental to the male psyche. All of these things come to him in increased amounts when he loves to commit to her the emotional security and endurance that she craves. Also, there is mystery in it not fully understood!

For these reasons I believe an ANR flourishes best in the setting of a committed relationship between a man and a woman. If the reader disagrees with my view, I hope they shall accept this and explore what I have written with an open mind.



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