Our exclusive DrJim articles from our former website have stood the test of time as the most valuable information available on inducing lactation as applied to adult nursing relationships.  These treasured articles have been our most informative and reliable go to for factual answers while inducing lactation.


Special thanks will always go to Shani for bringing Dr.Jim’s articles to us.

About the Author and His Writings
Best Birth Control with Lactation at the Same Time
Getting a Breast Exam
Herbs, Drugs, & Hormones that Promote Lactation
Issues About Hormonal Supplementation
Taking Advantage of Your Monthly Cycle to Promote Lactation
The Benefits of Human Breast Milk
The Color of Milk
The Healthy State of Lactation
The Relationship Between Estrogen and Prolactin
The Relationship Between Prolactin Release and Exercise
Understanding Breast Involution
Understanding Oxytocin and Bonding
Understanding Prolactin and Nesting
Using a TENS Unit to Stimulate Lactation
Using Progesterone Cream
Using Your Daily Biorhythm to Increase Milk Output

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