Gift of Milk Elite’s~ Personals Forum Rules

Because of the nature of this forum you may find that the rules are actually a little tighter in some areas on here rather than on our support forum over on Runboard, Land of Milk and Honey.

What’s allowed:
* Post your location- keep it general, not precise enough for a stranger to know your location.
* Post your interests- not in an overly sexual manner state your interests.
* One account per person

What is not allowed:
* Never post your precise location
Allowed: I’m in Little Rock, AR
Not Allowed: I’m at 1234 Location Drive, Little Rock, AR.
* Do not post personal information on the forums, PM’s are not monitored
* Do not use profanities
* Do not write with the intent to arouse
* Do not post pornographic images, no nudity allowed
* Multiple accounts are not allowed
* Stalking or harassing another, no always means no
* No persistent messaging to someone who has said no
* No pressuring someone to send images who has said no

Mods are here to keep our community safe:
Personal information may be removed by the admin or mods.
Nudity or pornographic images will be removed.

Let’s work together to keep this personals forum safe.

If you find that someone has broken these rules please contact admin to evaluate. Anyone who has pressured you to do something after you have already said no to is a reason to report.

Anyone found to break the rules here risks being banned both here and on our support forum on Runboard. You may or may not receive a warning first, this will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


* Safety is first. Do not meet with someone you have not researched and feel sure is safe. You are responsible for your safety. There are ways to find out more about a person and we recommend doing a background check before meeting with someone in real life. Always practice good judgement and of course, we can not be responsible for meetings gone wrong. We in no way screen people who come to our site, it is not possible. We cannot verify that anyone on our site is safe. It has to be the responsibility of the user to make these determinations for themselves.

* Exchanging personal information through private messages on this site is done at your own risk. We do not recommend sending personal pictures nor personal information such as email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers.

Ideas for your safety before meeting:
* do a background check
* have a friend on call for you while you are meeting until you feel comfortable and safe
* have your friend check on you frequently while you are meeting, either by phone or in person
* use a pre-planned code word with a friend to let them know that you are fine or you need their help
* always meet in a public place
* never put yourself in a position of being secluded with someone that you do not know

We hope that this forum will be a safe and helpful place for those seeking ANR partners.

When you joined this forum you agreed to the Terms and Conditions, they are available here: Terms and Conditions~ Gift of Milk’s Websites and Forums.

The Terms and Conditions document will be updated on the link above as needed. Notification of any revisions will be posted here.

Thanks for being a part of Gift of Milk Elite!

Land of Milk and Honey support forum Rules

For everyone’s comfort and safety we are making this post to formally announce our rules. We want to keep our board clean, respectful and positive.

As per Runboard requirements, we will not post the following:

– Adult material, as in ‘Sexually explicit pictures, writing, movies or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.’.

Land of Milk and Honey message board rules:

1. No profanities are allowed. Please use clean or proper language.

2. There are absolutely no pornographic or images that display nudity allowed. Diagrams that show technique are allowed, if there are any questions please ask a mod or admin for prior approval.

3. No harassment is allowed. This includes stalking and making unwanted advances.

4. No posting personal ads on the message board as this is not a dating site.
For information about our personals forum, click here: Gift of Milk Elite~ Sneak Peek.

5. Do not post any personal information in the forums. This information may be removed by admin or mods. This includes real names, locations, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses.

6. All content within this forum is posted as opinion or from accounts of personal experience. We do not check the accreditations of any member and cannot verify their credibility.

7. Do not re-post anything from within these forums without the permission from the author. This is a private forum which is a safe haven for our members to discuss things of personal nature.

Please see our entire Terms and Conditions here: Terms and Conditions ~ Gift of Milk’s Forums and Websites

By using this forum you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

Simple rules with simple consequences:

Any user found to be breaking these rules risks being banned.

Thank you for being a part of the original Land of Milk and Honey support forum.

Terms and Conditions ~ Websites and Forums

Terms and Conditions

Gift of Milk

Websites and Forums

By using our forums, websites or by making your payment to join Gift of Milk Elite forum (now referred to as GoME) you are agreeing to the terms and conditions within this document.  As a user of our websites or member of our forums, you accept and are bound by the terms of this agreement.  When using our forums, members are subject to our forum Rules and Policies and this terms and conditions agreement.   By viewing our websites or forums, or by participating in our forums you agree to abide by the above.  If you do not agree, please do not view our sites and you must not join our forums. 

In addition, all members of GoME are also bound by any conditions set forth by Website Toolbox which hosts our GoME forum.  Also, all members of our Land of Milk and Honey forum on Runboard are subject to their conditions as well.  For the purpose of this document, this will include the terms and conditions of all sites and forums owned by Gift of Milk which include: (main website) (support forum) (GoME personals forum) (additional website)

****Special notice***** We are not affiliated with since it is now under new ownership.

All viewers of our websites and members of our forums must be a legal adult.



All information pertaining to our forum members are shared with us voluntarily through the membership process.  This information will be used to effectively manage the forums.  Your personal information is only available to administrative users of the forums.  We do not and will not give out any information about you unless we are required to do so by law.

The forums (owners and administrators) also use IP addresses as a method to maintain the safety and integrity of the forums.  This information is never disclosed to anyone other than those necessary to maintain the forums unless required to do so by law.

In addition, Gift of Milk may implement other investigations if reasonable cause is given to question a member’s use of the forums.  This is an effort to keep our forums as safe as possible.

Information in which you place in your profile for others to see is by your choice and at your own risk.  Each member is responsible for the personal information that they choose to share.  Members are urged to use good judgement and practice safety in regard to whom they choose to share their personal information with.  Our forums; including owners, administrators, moderators and members are not responsible for damages related to publicly sharing information on the forums to other members. Gift of Milk is not liable for damages which occur when members choose to meet with others; this includes theft, bodily injury or even death.  We strongly urge our members to keep their personal safety a top priority.  Gift of Milk does not run background checks on members nor can attest to anyone being a safe person.  This is up to each member to find out any pertinent information.

If a member posts personal identifiable information on our forums it may be removed by administration or moderators.  Any information shared by personal messages is at the member’s own risk.


Information or Posts Disclaimer

Gift of Milk and all affiliate websites and forums cannot attest to the accuracy of any information posted by Gift of Milk (owners, administrators, or moderators), nor the members of our forums.   Gift of Milk, nor any staff or administrators, hold any medical or professional accreditations, nor should it be considered that any member is an expert on any given subject as Gift of Milk does not verify the credentials of any member.  All information, posts, comments and replies are presented as personal opinions or from accounts of personal experiences only and neither staff nor members can be held liable for any damages caused by a member following the advice of another (member or staff).  Gift of Milk is not responsible for the accuracy of anything held within our websites or forums.


Intellectual Property Rights

All information, posts, comments and replies within the forums are property of the forums.  Only the author of any writing has permission to share his or her writings, this does not include any comments or replies by other members to the author’s post or writing.  To be respectful of all members on our private forums, it is not allowed to re-post any content from within the forums.

All writings from other sources coming into the forum must have the source posted and the member must have permission to re-post such writing.   It is the responsibility of the posting member to obtain such permission and to cite accurate sources.  Gift of Milk cannot be held liable for illegally posted writings and members who post content illegally must be aware that this would make us legally obligated to share your personal information with the owner of said writing.  Gift of Milk may ban members who illegally post the writings of another.


Forum Content

As stated previously, all content on the forums including threads, posts, comments and replies of all participating members becomes property of the forum.  Any member re-posting any content from the forums without direct permission of the author is committing theft from not only the member but also from Gift of Milk.  Members found to be illegally copying or distributing forum content may be banned or prosecuted.

Gift of Milk uses this stipulation to protect the privacy of its members.  What is said on our forums; stays on our forums.

As all members have a responsibility to be respectful of another members’ privacy and property, Gift of Milk’s ownership of the content within the forums is limited to keeping it within.  As any other member would need permission to re-post or distribute the writings of another, so would Gift of Milk.  Gift of Milk would never re-post nor distribute the content within our forums without direct permission from the author.

In the event that Gift of Milk would like to post your content on the website or elsewhere, we would ask for your permission by email or private message beforehand.   If member agrees or does not agree holds no bearing on membership on our forums.  In other words, the member is under no obligation to agree and no grudges will be held if member does not agree.  If member agrees to allow Gift of Milk use of their content, Gift of Milk will retain all permissions received by email or private messages.  In the event any member wishes to have their content which was posted with their permission removed for any reason, it will be removed.  To have content removed, member must notify Gift of Milk and it will be removed as soon as possible.  It is the responsibility of the member to keep our contact information for these purposes although it is also available on our websites and forums.   Exception: Content in which you posted on the forums is subject to administrative evaluation before removal.

Content on our website is property of Gift of Milk and the authors, Gift of Milk and the authors also own the content of   Content on our forums is property of Gift of Milk and the authors.  On GoME personals forum, Website Toolbox may have their own conditions which apply, please see their TOS for details.  Content of our Land of Milk and Honey support forum on Runboard, is property of Gift of Milk and the authors, although Runboard may have conditions that apply, please see their TOS for details.

No content within any of our affiliated sites may be reproduced, re-posted, or distributed without direct permission, all affiliated sites are listed above. This includes content, images, and logos and is protected by intellectual property rights laws.


Forum Moderation

Owners, administrators, moderators and staff have authority to monitor all posts on the forums.  They may respond as they see fit by issuing warnings to members who are not in compliance with the forum rules, they may also delete or edit posts to keep them in compliance.  Members who blatantly or repeatedly disregard the rules and policies may be banned.  Banning members is used at the discretion of the owners, administrators and moderators.  Notifications will often be given first unless the offenses pose a risk to members, in such case the member may be banned at the first incident.

All members are urged to report any misconduct which occurs by PM so appropriate action can be taken.  It is a high priority to keep our forums safe.



Gift of Milk currently has no agreements to place ads on our sites or forums.  If at some point we use advertisements as a tool for our sites we will revise this document to include all pertinent information.  We have no authority over Website Toolbox or Runboard if they choose to place ads on our forums.  Please see the applicable TOS for the necessary information.  Any advertisements placed by Website Toolbox or Runboard we are not compensated for.

Any links posted within our sites are solely a personal recommendation by the member who posted the link and is not considered to be an endorsement by Gift of Milk.


Payment Policy

Membership fees for the Gift of Milk Elite forum are used to help financially fund our sites and all related expenses.  Membership fees are required for an annual membership and are subject to changes as necessary.  Membership fees are also considered method of age verification.

If members are dissatisfied with the services or features of the forum, a request for a refund can be made within 30 days.  Any member who is dissatisfied will be given a refund within 30 days unless the member was banned prior to a refund request being made.

Members may be banned for not following the rules within this Terms and Conditions agreement or our Rules and Policies listed within the forums.

Please read the Rules and Policies of the forum(s) in which you will view and participate.

Land of Milk and Honey~ Support Forum Rules

Gift of Milk Elite~ Personals Forum Rules

Banned users will not receive a refund.  Banned users are not allowed to make another account.

Currently, only PayPal payments are accepted.

Refunds will also be made through PayPal.

In the event that a member requests a refund, Gift of Milk may remove or relocate the posts from said member.

Membership fees are due annually, members will not be able to access their content after membership has expired.  Gift of Milk may remove or relocate the posts of said member.

Any time a member is banned or membership is not current; profiles, accounts and posts may be destroyed and inaccessible even if member status is reinstated.

If in the unlikely event that a forum does not succeed and the forum goes down no refunds will be given to members with current membership.  If the forum is discontinued all contents, access and information within will be forfeited and no longer available to anyone, including members or administrators.  At this point, GoME forum is set up to run through July 25, 2016 and we hope will be renewed yearly.  The activity of GoME is what will determine if Gift of Milk will continue to offer this forum.  Even in the event that Gift of Milk or the forums are discontinued, this terms and conditions document remains in effect.

As revisions become necessary this document will be updated.  A link to this document will be posted in all of our sites and forums.  No personal notifications will be given regarding updates and it is the member’s responsibility to check for revisions before using our services.  By using our forums you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.  Notice of changes will be posted on our sites in designated locations.


Thank you for being a part of Gift of Milk.




Gift of Milk Elite *** Personals Forum *** Sneak Peek

Here you’ll find a sneak peek inside of our new personals forum.  You can reach our new forum here:  Gift of Milk Elite~ Personals.

As much as we would have liked to make this forum free as is our support forum over on Runboard, having a fee is a way to verify the age of our users and gives us more options on a forum that can now be considered an ‘adult only’ site.  As with any endeavor, this provides an opportunity to recoup some of the expenses involved in maintaining this site and  the extra associated costs.  We sincerely thank you for supporting our site by your membership in our FREE forum as well as here at our new personals forum.

As our kick off incentive, we are offering membership to Gift of Milk Elite at a reduced rate to get things going.  Here’s the scoop:

  •   From now until August 14th, 2015 our membership cost is 50 cents per member for an annual membership.
  •   On August 15th the membership rate will be $5 per year, unless of course we are able to run another special deal.  🙂
  •   Also, anyone not satisfied may request a full refund within 30 days.  Any posts from members who have been removed will be deleted.

Now for the sneak peek, this forum is accessible now although still under construction.  We wanted to provide a way for you to see what’s inside before joining.  You know… so you know what you’re getting.

Inside you’ll find forums categorized by location.  Members can post their personals ad in their own location where hopefully it will make it easier to find the perfect partner.  Don’t forget to read our Rules before getting started, in the Rules and Special Notices forum titled Our Rules and Policies.

The ladies’ and gentlemen’s area are single forums which will likely be developed to have more forums for specific topics related to men or women to discuss among other men or women only.

Currently the United States forums are divided up into sections and then by state.  We can further develop this as needed.  For now, we’re going to lock the individual state forums until there is enough activity to warrant opening them, while our new forum is becoming populated members will get wider exposure for their posts.

The United Kingdom and Canada forums are single forums that will also be divided up into more specific areas very soon.  We will also be adding many more countries to this as needed.  As needed meaning, as we learn and anyone who PM’s asking for a certain location to be added will be done first.  🙂


Below shows our search feature which can be done by post or by member.  Hopefully this will also be a useful tool to find just what or who you are looking for.

As with our original forum, this forum is for our community and will be developed and fine tuned frequently to further meet the needs of our members.  Without our members, we have no forum.  Your input will be considered and is appreciated.

Land of Milk and Honey, which is it?

There is an imposter on the loose!  Maybe it’s not that bad.  When the Land of Milk and Honey website went down the domain sold to someone else, we have no information as to who owns it and we are not concerned about this.  However, they did put up another ANR site which wrongfully makes it appear as though we are affiliated.  We are not.


We do not have any affiliation with the former domain, only the former site content.  We do not have any affiliation with their forum nor do we encourage the use of medications.


In the very near future we will have our own personals area, it’s already in the process.  If you’re looking for the real McCoy, please use our links here on or our message board at Land of Milk and Honey.


As always, if you have any suggestions or thoughts to share, you know where to find us.


Blessings, dondelait