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Here you’ll find a collection of writings that are useful to those who are in (or seeking) adult nursing relationships.  You’ll find useful information on inducing, scheduling, galactagogues, increasing supply and much, much more.  All of our authors bring a well thought out perspective of both thoughts and facts.  You’re sure to find something that will be perfectly fitting for your needs.

Gift of Milk would like to thank our authors who have generously allowed us or Land of Milk and Honey to post their writings for the benefit of all of us seeking to establish an ANR.  Without your efforts, it would be a daunting task to find such a wealth of priceless information, let alone all under one roof.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce our authors.

Ken L. Smith; BreastNotes.com

Ken has generously given us permission to post some of his writings.  When you’re done reading here, don’t forget to check out BreastNotes.com



mlklvr is the author of Successful Adult Nursing (SAN) and Successful Nursing Techniques (SNT) both coveted writings from our former Land of Milk and Honey website.  We are thrilled to include these in our collection.


Keep checking back, there’s more to come.

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